About Us

What is ECFCART ?

ECFCART is an e-commerce based education platform from the house of ECOM ACADEMIA. ECFCART makes joining and completing courses  possible and course modules will get delivered to the customer in 24 Hours - to help customers afford more. 

Great for Business
An association with us is seamless, secure and sure. And it empowers our  Partners to increase both sales in terms of numbers, and their total customer base. Furthermore, we aid in accelerating the entire sales journey and undertake fraud detection.

Great for Customers
Our shoppers can choose their courses and tutors. You can talk with the tutor directly via phone or by using chat option .

Our Management Team
We are RIET ,IIIT alumni and serial entrepreneurs. Since 2017, the focus has been on solving big data problems, “real-time” predictive technologies and algorithms primarily Ad-tech, Consumer Marketing and Media and growing eCommerce brands.